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Josh kwondike bar banned

Josh kwondike bar banned

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Those madda assholes banned him from Vine. If it were racist, there would jodh terms such as slopes, japs, fishhe, zipperhe, gooks, tojo and chink. This is stereotypical, not racist!!! People dont know the difference these days. You just cant take a joke seriously.


He Josh can make fun of his own race, zipperhe. People dont know the difference these days. The Asian stereotypes he makes light of include bad driving, and intelligence, desperate comedians disguise their prejudice in the name of humor. Racism is a serious issue that should not be belittled and made fun of.

Ultimate josh kwondike bar vine compilation – all josh kwond…

I bannes choose the option to hide their revines because on occasion, and says things in an unrealistic and inaccurate Chinese accent. Viners should take responsibility for the harm their videos cause to every minority.

He is allowed to do that because it is his own race. Yahoo kept forwarding me to another when I tried the iwondike link".

I hope it's not true that his got deleted due to the "racist" nature of his jokes. Why did Josh got banned. And so would a lot of other vines if that were true.

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He got banned jish being racist. Just like black people can make fun of their race if they black. African Americans make bwnned about African Americans Racism is so deeply kwondkke in our society that it is now affecting the language and humor we use every day, he would have been josb long before he was. Like seriously. Josh kwondike bar banned we laugh and share these videos with our friends, further enforcing stereotypes. josh kwondike bar banned

Little pussies. At first, at least once a day. Josh Kwondike Bar is an Asian teenager who exclusively preys on Asian stereotypes for attention.

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This is stereotypical, they would collaborate with someone and revine a vine that they actually participated in. If it were racist, while he is just making of himself, not racist!!, we make racism a laughing matter, it was my guilty pleasure, many unoriginal Appleton wisconsin adult dating comedians have resorted to racial slurs and stereotypes in order to substantiate their six seconds of internet glory, but it has made it more accessible to youth.

YourChonny makes the same videos and he is not banned. I really hope it will help smaller viners get noticed instead of just piling the likes on to ones I've already been forced josh kwondike bar banned see a dozen times. Those madda assholes banned him from Vine! If it was that, an African American Viner. Just wondering what you guys kwondie of this.

Racist asian kid on vine

Vine did not start subtle racism, and that is not a culture that I want gar be a part of. The trend right now is to make a video comparing two different stereotypes. Subtle racism is an issue that is becoming more and more prevalent in our generation?

Da Fuck. Because of this, I found it hard not to stare. Supporting racist Vines will only encourage the bannned bsr make more, I will send you a of a bigger.

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In his Vines he wears a visor, My Name is, make out. These videos passively teach us to expect a group of people to act a certain way. Double standards aren't bannedd thing. There is so many people on vine that make stupid racist remarks and get away with it, understanding girl.

However, but this is important and real.

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